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J A Harrison - The UK's Leading Gasket Cutter.  Same Day Cutting Service Available

We have the capability to produce the full range of standard soft cut, metallic and semi-metallic gaskets including DIN, ANSI and BST range in Full Faced or IBC. 

A comprehensive range of materials are available to us including those from the top manufactures such as Klinger, Novus, Flexitallic, Garlock, Gore and James Walker. Which includes….

  • Non-Asbestos Fibre
  • Composite Gaskets
  • Metallic / Semi-Metallic
  • Reinforced Graphite
  • Homogenous Graphite
  • PTFE
  • Natural/Synthetic Rubbers
  • Cork
  • Textiles
  • Felt (add more if you wish)

We can offer a complete design, material specification and cutting service on all bespoke gaskets, with 4 CAD/CAM machines operating within the company.  The service is fast, efficient and reliable.

Gaskets can be manufactured by using samples or drawings.

Site visits by our technical sales personnel are always encouraged to ensure total understanding of the requirement and accuracy of dimensional and specification details for the particular job.

The 24 hour call-out service provides peace of mind for our customers who may require our products in shut-down or break-down situations.

Our principles of intensive customer support, service, reliability and technical awareness provide a safe, consistently professional and competitive environment for all our customers.  


Multi Seal Gasket
The sealing of glass lined pipes and vessels requires a certain type of sealing solution. Multiseal PTFE envelope gaskets satisfies this need.

Our gaskets operate within the temperatures encountered within glass lined vessels of 60 degrees to +230C degrees. The Multiseal insert material is produced on a unique manufacturing process, which gives it excellent compression and recovery properties, this when used in conjunction with a corrugated steel ring and PTFE envelope, provide a gasket solution that will seal at a minimum load of 8 N/mm2, but will also allow a maximum load of 20 N/mm2 if required. This is within the recommended loads allowable for glass lined equipment.

The bull nose design of the PTFE envelope with diffusion stop on the nozzle gaskets give enhanced mechanical performance as well as reduced permeability of the PTFE from chemicals and vapours. The use of gaskets which are hard and have little in the way of compression can cause damage to the nozzles or main flanges of the vessel if there is a degree of distortion between flanges caused in the firing of the equipment. The Multiseal gaskets, due to their compressive nature at low load, compensate for minimal distortion.

Where a high degree of distortion is encountered, we recommend the gaskets are shimmed using an epoxy resin.

Our gaskets can be used up to 40 bar pressure (dependant on size) and we recommend that after initial installation, the gaskets are retorqued after the first production cycle or maximum 24 hours in service whichever is the soonest.

Different Gasket Styles

Virgin PTFE bull nose envelope with diffusion stop, Multiseal compressible insert, corrugated insert  made from stainless steel. Use for high pressure up to 40 bar and smaller diameters.

Virgin PTFE bull nose envelope with diffusion stop. Tapered Multiseal inserts can be rotated within the envelope to compensate for misalignment of agitator nozzles.  

TFM welded PTFE envelope, Multiseal compressible insert, corrugated insert made from stainless steel. For use on manway and main flange openings. Major distortion can be compensated using an epoxy resin filler between the Multiseal inserts if required.


Washers are manufactured in different shapes, sizes, folded or flat from numerous materials including copper, brass, stainless steel, steel etc. These are used for many different sealing applications. A large range are held in stock but can be produced to your requirements.

Exhaust Gaskets

We manufacture a wide range of exhaust gaskets in various materials suitable for many applications including for use with high temperature catalytic converters. These include gaskets in the form of olives, flat, laminated, composite and shim type constructions.


The use of thin metal shims as a means of making fine adjustment to meet close working tolerances or to compensate for wear is well practiced.

Shims are supplied to any shape in various materials including steel, brass, copper and lamination from thicknesses of 0.002” (0.05mm). Copper shims are also used for bright brazing purposes.

Non-Asbestos Fibre

Compressed sheet fibre jointing is designed for a wide range of industrial and original equipment applications where sealing performance and specification are essential.  Based on high performance, reinforcing fibres blended with elastomeric binders and inorganic fillers, the non-asbestos materials offer outstanding performance in a range of industrial applications.

Compressed sheet jointing is used in many industrial applications including chemical processing, aerospace, automotive, power generation and water.  The sheets are manufactured using the calendaring process in which a mixture of fibres, filler and binders are compressed between two rollers under load.  A wide variety of these components can be formulated using this process and subsequently materials can be designed to function over an extensive range of fluids, pressures and temperatures.

 The suitability of compressed fibre sheet grade in a given application is dependent on a number of factors including chemical resistance, temperature and pressure capability.  To assist our customers to make informed choices as to the suitability of a product for a particular application, these materials are subject to a wide range of tests as specified by the statutory regulations and customer requirements.

A key approval is BS 7531.  This standard provides a method for selecting compressed fibre grades based on their performance characteristics.  A material that meets the requirements of BS7531 can be considered high quality, high performance materials.

BS 7531 defines two standards: Grade X and Grade Y.  Grade X is the higher specification and requires material to meet a range of property criteria that would allow the material to be used in high temperature and other demanding applications.  Grade Y also defines a range of property criteria but the requirements are less demanding than for Grade X .

Should you require any further information on our range of Cut Gaskets, please call (+44) 0161 832 2282 .


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