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J A Harrison - Leading Supplier Of Felt Products.  Hugh Stocks Are Held At Manchester Enabling Next Day Delivery On Most Materials And Sizes

J A Harrison manufactures flexible fabric connections/compensators for the most challenging of applications. They are produced to be resistant to either high temperature or extreme cold, to be unaffected by either oils or chemicals, and to be resistant to abrasion or even just the weather. They are designed to absorb movement and are lightweight and easily manageable. Composites can be made up to cope with the most difficult of working conditions, where several adverse environmental factors have to be taken into account.

Fabrics include PVC and Polyurethane coated nylons, sound barrier mats and glasscloths coated with neoprene rubber, silicone rubber or aluminised film. For added chemical resistance Viton and Hypalon coated glasscloths are available. Data sheets and test certificates can be provided. The majority of flexible connections/ compensators are sewn in either Kevlar or ptfe/glassfibre thread and for high temperature applications, stainless steel thread is used. Flexible connections/compensators can be manufactured from materials that contain no silicone - an important criteria when used in the automotive industry.


Stitched Fabric Bellows
We manufacture stitched fabric bellows to suit most machinery protection requirements. Due to the manufacturing process the timescale and cost is greatly reduced to that of a moulded bellow.

A stitched bellow is a cost effective way of protecting screwjacks and cylinder rods from outside contamination, whether it be from oil, dust or other harmful contaminants.

Bellows can be supplied in split and re-sealable form. The split is closed after installation using a zip, Velcro or press studs. Bellows can also be fitted with extension control tapes, internal supports and breather vents. v Bellows fabrics can be used from -60 deg. C to +250 deg.C.

Should you require any further information on our range of Bellows, Flexible Connectors And Expansion Joints, please call (+44) 0161 832 2282 .


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