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J A Harrison - The UK's Leading Industrial Spiral Wound Gasket Supplier

Our range of Spiral Wound Metallic Gaskets will seal a complete range and size of flanges where pressure, temperature, vibration and flow rates are far beyond the capability of more conventional jointing materials.

Spiral Wound Gaskets are used worldwide for pipelines and pressure vessels on petrochemical, nuclear, steam, marine and hydraulic plant, as well as on heat exchangers.

This type of gasket is used in very high pressure applications or in very corrosive or high temperature environments such as pipelines in the chemical and petroleum industries.

In such hazardous environments the need for a gasket to have the ability to recover cannot be over emphasized.

The difference in temperature across the flange face, together with bolt stress relaxation and creep, demand a spiral wound gasket with adequate flexibility and recovery to maintain a seal even under these varying service conditions.

Our Spiral Wound Gasket is the ultimate precision engineered product to resolve such problems.  Our strict quality guideline ensures we manufacture a reliable gasket that will stand up to most of the known corrosive and toxic solutions.

Should you require any further information on our range of Spiral Wound Gaskets, please call (+44) 0161 832 2282 .


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