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Making Excellence a Habit With Apprenticeships and JA Harrison

Earlier this month, Steve Tierney, General Manager and Pat Connell, Technical Sales Engineer, presented 6 apprentices with a certificate recognising their understanding of gaskets and seals.


It was an event that carried just as much significance for Steve – and for JA Harrison - as it did for the apprentices.

“Partly it’s a personal thing,” explains Steve. “I’ve been very fortunate to work for some great people who shared their knowledge with me and who made me a better employee and better manager. It’s good to be able to give something back.

“Every apprentice needs a great portfolio. Over recent weeks Patrick Connell, our Technical Sales Engineer, has given these apprentices an understanding of gaskets and seals, and the certificates I awarded recognised that personal development and help build their portfolios.

“And for JA Harrison, this really marks the start of a new relationship with apprentices. We’re building links now in anticipation of launching our own scheme soon.”

Growing our own
The recruitment of new apprentices will be the latest step in our development strategy. “Successful companies have successful apprentice programmes,” says Keith Shepherd, Director, JA Harrison.

“They allow you to mould and shape your workforce, taking in raw resources and creating finely tooled people. There are so many people out there who could forge successful careers in engineering – but they’re not getting the opportunities. We can give some of those people the chance to get real skills, and make a real difference.”

Director, Martin Shepherd is enthusiastic about the benefits apprentices bring. “There are no preconceptions, no bad habits. We train them the way we want them to be trained, picking passionate people who want to learn and develop. And when you take the best apprentices and put them through our training process the end result is a bespoke employee. They’re a natural fit for our organisation because that’s what we trained them to be.”

“It’s about more than simply growing our own,” adds Steve. “It’s about creating people who instinctively work to our standards and values. We want to make excellence a habit. And habits are a lot easier to form when you start early.”

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