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New Elitron Technology Puts J.A. Harrison a Cut Above

How continuous improvement has taken one giant leap with the latest addition to our technology base.


The latest piece of equipment to be installed at our Manchester workshop is already having a big impact on our production capacity.


Streamlining with Elitron

The Elitron automatic cutting and finishing plotter automatically recognises the printed images fed to it. Traditionally used in the graphics industry, we’re using the Elitron’s unique capabilities to create new opportunities for our gaskets, plastic parts and PTFE divisions.


“The Elitron cuts gaskets without the need for bespoke tooling,” explains Director, Martin Shepherd. “So a customer can ring up for a single gasket and we can produce it quickly and accurately. We already have machines that can do that, but this takes our capability to the next level.”


“It’s also given us unique opportunities in milling plastic parts,” says General Manager, Steve Tierney. “We can take some of our PTFE division’s workload off them. And we can do things on that machine we might not previously have considered.”


Just one example of this new found flexibility is in machine parts. “Manufacturing machine components used to involve creating the component on one machine, then subbing it to our PTFE machine for the holes and countersinks,” says Martin. “There’s inherent waste in that way of working, but now we can do it all in one place, streamlining the process by removing whole stages.”


The problem solvers

Any new technology brings with it a steep learning curve, yet Martin and Steve have been delighted with the support received from manufacturer (Elitron) and agent (ATech).


“Elitron support us remotely from Italy. We’re constantly connected, to the extent that they can see what we’re doing in real time and help us find new ways of addressing complex problems in the live environment. It’s been a really good partnership.”


Greater complexity, quicker 

There’s a much wider programme of continuous improvement within JA Harrison than one machine, but the Elitron has made a major contribution to turning a company acknowledged and respected for its expertise and quality, into a first tier supplier in terms of output too.


“It’s up to twice as fast as our previous machine,” Martin explains. “For our customers that means superior finishes with shorter lead times. More complex work is completed quicker and more accurately – and of course it means we remain able to offer competitive prices.”


Investing in growth

The Elitron isn’t alone. New machinery has become the norm over the past few years. “We’ve been making major, regular investments – pretty much a new machine a year,” says Martin. “We’re already talking about adding another specialist milling machine, new oven and new press.”


“Each new piece of equipment generates opportunities for people in the local area,” adds Steve. “We’ve taken on a number of people here in just the last few weeks, and we’re expecting to recruit more. The irony is that in the past the more machinery you added the fewer people you needed. We’re the opposite. It’s not about cutting back. It’s about building a solid foundation of expertise to support our growth.


“We’re committed to continuous improvement – and that applies as much to the technology we use as the people we employ.”

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