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Building Services

Since the foundation of J A Harrison in 1900 the company has been at the forefront of gasket and seal manufacturing and technology.

For many years, J A Harrison has been both advising and supplying advanced solutions for the building industry, including rubber moulding & strips, extrusions and plastics. The continual development of this industry has clearly delivered many benefits to our way of life, and J A Harrison is extremely proud to have been an integral part of the progression of this key industry sector.

There are many challenges that face the building services industry, being both highly competitive and extremely demanding. Consequently, there are many stringent standards specific to this industry sector, such as safety and longevity within a very cost effective process. This of course is in addition to the need for constant refinement – ensuring optimum efficiency and performance at all times.

For this reason, the method of manufacture, materials used and the technical advice available is under a constant review and improvement program, ensuring that optimum performance and cost efficiency remains at the forefront of all activity.

As well as working with the building services industry directly, J A Harrison is a key supplier to the whole building services OEM supply chain, and is at the forefront of technical advice, product development and improvement.

All of these key aspects, coupled with unrivalled levels of customer service makes J A Harrison the key ‘solutions driven’ supplier to the building services/OEM industry, and has paved the way to cementing many close working partnerships within this key manufacturing sector.