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UK gasket maker opens £2.8m facility to supply world’s leading aerospace companies

A leading UK gasket and seals manufacturer will unveil in November 2017 a new hi-tech production facility designed to earn it accreditation to supply the aerospace industry with its most innovative sealing products.

J A Harrison’s £2.8 million installation houses advanced technology, machinery and manufacturing processes needed to create specialised sealing products for aircraft and assure aviation companies that its tightly controlled supply chain meets their industry’s stringent safety and quality requirements.

Its new state-of-the-art facility in Manchester, England – backed by the UK government’s Dept. of Trade and Industry and to be opened on 10th November – was conceived to create the world’s most advanced-design gaskets and seals from scientific and innovative materials. The 38,000ft2 benchmark design incorporates computerised industrial presses, lathes, ovens and cyber-safe security systems implemented to allow J A Harrison to work on the aerospace industry’s most closely guarded projects.

It offers efficiencies that will significantly cut lead times and maintenance down-time in the aviation industry. Enhanced handling, packaging, storage, cleaning, waste control and review methods will also guarantee J A Harrison supplies uncontaminated products.

J A Harrison’s managing director Keith Shepherd said: “The new facility gives us a capability to design and produce the most advanced, specialised and innovative sealing products in the world for aerospace manufacturers. We must be compliant with aerospace industry’s procedures so we can satisfy the tough auditing required of its suppliers.

“Our sealing products have always been the highest quality available but we needed to refine our processes a little and this facility has done that for us. Safety of products, security of systems and even contamination are big issues for customers in the aerospace sector and this facility addresses them.

“It is a flagship facility for our industry and gives us scope to produce specialised gaskets and seals for the most advanced aerospace projects in the world. We are delighted it is operational.”

The installation’s official opening is expected to be attended by the UK’s Northern Powerhouse Minister Jake Berry, Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham and officials from the Bank of England. It will also acknowledge the launch of an apprenticeship scheme and the rebranding of J. A. Harrison to appeal more directly to overseas users of it products.

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