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Frenzelit has been a reliable and efficient family company for more than 135 years now. 480 committed employees develop and produce gaskets, technical textiles, expansion joints and insulation materials day in, day out at our facilities around the world. Frenzelit combines all the strengths of a medium-sized company: flexible, fast-moving, quick to get things done. This is reflected by the systematic way we investigate new ideas. Or by the speed at which we bring these ideas to market. Or by our excellently qualified contacts and, of course, by our application specialists who are there to help you locally wherever you are in the world. Frenzelit is where the market is – very close to the customer. From Finland to South Africa. From Spain to Australia. From Canada to Argentina. And wherever else you need us. We look forward to serving you!

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Manufactured seals and gaskets | Gland packing | PTFE products | Plastic technologies | Industrial textiles | Bellows, compensators and flexible connections | Rubber sheets, gaskets, mouldings and extrusions | Corrugated gaskets and glass lined vessels | Mechanical seals | O Rings | Boiler spares | Allied products